Roof Replacement
With over 15 years in the roofing industry, Yireh Roofing LLC has been replacing roofs to residential and commercial properties in NC with flawless precision and dedication. Customer satisfaction is our goal! We guarantee that our roof replacement will be fulfilled to your specifications and expectations every single time. In fact, for every roof we install you get a 3 year warranty and a free maintenance job!
Roof Repair

To prevent damages, it’s necessary to do regular roof repairs at certain time periods depending on the roof type, material, and area. Essentially, it’s always advised to do such repairs before the snow and rainy season. Repair costs are relatively easy on your wallet, it all depends on the manufacturer’s warranty, roof lasting period, terms of services and other measures laid down by the Trusted Roofing contractors in your area.Sell your house as-is easily with the help of

Roof Maintenance
The most common cause of roof damage is lack of proper maintenance. Early damage detection such as cracked sealant, rust in metal structures, and moss/lichen growth, will save you time and money. To extend your roof’s lifespan, Yireh Roofing LLC recommends periodic roof maintenance.

While there are different factors that contribute to a home or buildings curb appeal, having beautiful siding is huge. Not only does new siding improve the aesthetic of your home or business, but it also increases energy efficiency, strengthens structural integrity and adds value to your investment. At Yireh Roofing LLC and we install, repair and give maintenance to all types of siding.

Gutters are more than a simple addition to your savage roofing. They improve the overall look of your home and play a role in protecting your roof. If you’re thinking of cleaning, replacing or repairing your home or office gutters, then Yireh Roofing LLC is the obvious choice to call! We clean, repair and install any gutter system imaginable!

If you’re ready to get started on any roof project, give us a call at (919) 753-8309, get a free quote or consult with one of our experts. We install, repair and give maintenance to metal roofs, roofs shingle, flat roofs, TPO roofs and EPDM roofs.

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